Tim Yatabe-Amanzholov

Tim Blast – Film|TV|Game score composer, musician, guitarist, pianist, singer/songwriter, producer.


            Composer, 9 string guitarist, singer-songwriter, Tim Blast has worked on numerous films and tv projects including action-drama BORN WILD, family-fantasy A MERMAID’S TALE, comedy YOU’RE GONNA MISS ME, psychological drama FIVE PIECE, drama-thriller REMNANTS, family comedy PAWPARAZZI and many others.

Russian-born, Tim moved to United States to pursue his career in music and sound engineering at the age of 17. After years of studying and practicing writing and recording, Tim started his path in film industry in 2015, when he wrote his first commercial score compositions for an action-drama Born Wild. Since then he has worked on numerous Film and TV projects.

Apart from writing contemporary cinematic music, Tim also is pursuing a career as an independent musician and singer-songwriter. His cinematic death metal album “Dark Side” will be coming out in the late 2019, which will combine his original heavy metal sound with cinematic orchestral music. Tim will also be releasing a dark pop 9 string guitar oriented album “Journey of the Trouble-Minded” in Summer 2019 as well as “Invisible Feelings” in late 2019 which will feature his progressive piano compositions.

Tim Blast is also currently working on music for trailers with Fundamental Music Group. Unique 9 string guitar action oriental release is coming out in summer 2019.

Tim Blast has a home studio in Los Angeles, where he produces and records all his music. He has all the modern gear to create powerful high quality music. He owns a 10 TB library of the top tier sample instruments, which allows him to create realistic orchestral mock-ups. 

Tim received awards for his guitar skills at Vision Conference in Washington DC in 2010 and in San Diego CA in 2011. He is fluent in English, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish.


Contact: timblastmusic@gmail.com


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