What do I do?

I have 8+ years of experience working as a Professional Music Composer for FILM | TV | VIDEO GAMES | TRAILERS & ADVERTISING. I play a 9 string guitar as well as a lot of unique ethnic instruments like kalimba, shakuhachi, dombra, celtic whistle, celeste and more.

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What kind of music do I make?

Anything from Cinematic Hybrid Orchestral to Aggressive Industrial Metal to Heart-Breaking Intimate to Quirky Uplifting Children music. I always ensure that the creative and emotional vision of every project I take on is achieved with the best modern sound quality.


How do I do it?

I own a home-studio based in Los Angeles, CA (Sherman Oaks area). Equipped with powerful modern hardware and software that handles projects of any imaginable size, small intimate quartets to massive film scores with 2000+ instruments in one project.

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